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  • Free Poker News  v.1.0Rio Poker Toolbar will offer the most comprehensive selections of games while giving you objective reviews. You can finally count on someone to give you a quality online gaming experience! No more hours spent on search engines opening countless and ...
  • Adaptive Poker  v.2.1Complete Texas Hold'em style poker. Up to 10 individual players. Casino style options. Computer opponents that can adapt to your playing style. Unlimited number of computer opponents (simply create new ones). Configure the following options: Min/Max ...
  • 10 Steps To Winning Texas Holdem Poker  v.2.0This book / eBook and strategy card are a MUST for anyone who has little or no knowledge of the game of Texas Hold'em Poker and wishes to become a winner in as short a time as possible. The strategy card (which is included with the full version) is ...
  • Poker School  v.1.0A flash trainer that will help you learn the ropes playing poker.
  • Games::Poker::HistoryParser  v.1.55This is a library of modules used to parse poker hand histories as generated by various online poker sites. Also included are a number of output modules that format the data in various formats, such as 2+2 Forums, XML, HTML, ...
  • JavaScript Texas Hold 'em Poker  v.0.94betaA JavaScript Texas Hold 'em Poker game, holdem, that runs in most web browsers. This is a one-player game against bot opponents. The game loads once and never hits the server again so it can be played even when your internet connection goes ...
  • Poker Tournement Timer  v.0.5Poker tournament timer is a free software tool that allows you to manage and time a poker tournament. It has a lot of features and is build around the usage on a real live tournament in Beglium. Software is usable but still in full ...
  • Prolog Poker  v.1.0This is an implementation of a client/server-architecture poker(Limit Texas Hold'em) software in (SWI-)Prolog.It uses the extension XPCE for GUI's and sockets.Would gladly see users to help ...
  • Real Poker  v.0.2.8Real Poker - A poker simulation (work in progress ... see project docs for current state). Network play will be ...
  • RJ Poker Replay  v.1.2With RJ Poker Replay you can load a handhistoryfile from Pokerstars an play it again. It show a table and all steps of the hand. You can watch and analyze the ...
  • Simple Poker Tournament Clock  v.1.3.0A simple poker clock written in "bare" python, which supports different kinds of poker, XML-based tournament structures and display of banners for poker league sponsors.
  • POKIRSCAN poker tax app  v.1.0POKIRSCAN poker tax app computes gross winnings/losses from Full Tilt and PokerStars, which the IRS requires you to report rather than net profit. It combines games of the same stakes played within a set amount of idle time, netting them out.
  • Strip Charts for GtkPlot  v.0.3.0Strip Charts for GtkPlot provides a set of GTK widgets for creatingstrip plots of numeric data. Horizontal 'strips' of data are ganged; supportsmultiple color-changing limit (alarm) lines, multiple scrollable cursors (with callbacks).
  • Perl interface to Palm Strip application  v.1.03A collection of Perl libraries and tools to interface with the Palm Strip application for storing encrypted passwords.
  • Irs alphabet strip  v.1.0Desktop alphabet strip displaying both upper and lowercase letters ...
  • Poker-engine  v.1.3.4A Python library that implements poker rules.
  • Poker-eval  v.138.0poker-eval is a C library to evaluate poker hands.
  • Poker-network  v.1.7.5A poker server, a client library, an abstract user interface library, and a client based on it.
  • Stamit's Online Poker  v.0.2Stamit's Online Poker project is a simple OpenGL poker game that can be played online with another person.
  • Django-include-strip-tag  v.0.1.0This new templatetag, include_strip, works exactly the same as the default include template tag provided by Django.
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